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Visual Effects (VFX) in Modern Cinema

In the modern film industry, visual effects (VFX) play a crucial role in creating imaginary worlds, fantastic characters, and spectacular action sequences. Thanks to rapid technological advancement, the possibilities offered by visual effects have significantly evolved, transforming the way films…
22 March 2024

The 5 animation techniques that revolutionized cinema

In the film industry, animation has always been a crucial element in bringing characters and imaginary worlds to life. Over the decades, animation techniques have evolved significantly, paving the way for revolutionary and iconic films. In this article, we will…
18 March 2024

Visual Effects: The Hidden Art of Cinematic Magic

Visual effects have become an integral part of the modern film industry. It allows the creation of imaginative worlds, fantastic creatures, and stunning scenes that cannot be achieved by other means. This article explores the evolution of visual effects, the…
12 March 2024
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Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Synapse Studio VN

On July 28, the Synapse Studio family held a small, cozy party to celebrate the company's first founding day! Accompanying and overcoming many difficulties, Synapse has gone a long year in new challenges. Although 2023 brings many changes and difficulties,…
7 August 2023

Synapse Studio was in the 2023 telefilm event

Telefilm 2023 has become a notable and anticipated event in the technology and television industry. And during this exhibition, Synapse Studio had the opportunity to meet and discuss with many other major studios such as: Muse, Select Entertainment, Riki Team,…
20 June 2023

Synapse Studio on VTV1 news

Synapse Studio's appearance on VTV news as one of the studios bringing Vietnamese cinematography to the world was emphasized. This proves Synapse's success and contribution in improving the quality of Vietnam's cinematography industry. I. General introduction about Synapse Studio VN…
20 May 2023