Our Team


Hoang Pham

Compositing Leader

Work History

He has accumulated 7 years of experience in the VFX field, demonstrating his expertise and profound understanding of this domain.
With a list of projects that includes "Spiderman," "Doctor Strange," "Shang-Chi," and many other renowned works, Hoang Pham has showcased remarkable abilities and talents in the global film productions.
He was previously associated with Vinanimation studio, where he served as a 2D Artist from 2014 to 2016 before advancing and transitioning into VFX, a role he has held since 2016.
Currently, Hoang Pham is holding the position of Compositing Leader at Synapse Studio, a critical role contributing to the success of various notable VFX projects. His excellence and leadership skills have made him a role model that colleagues look up to.
With his passion and talent, Hoang Pham continues to contribute to the continuous development of the VFX industry, delivering extraordinary experiences for audiences.