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Phu Nguyen


Work History

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Phu pursued 3D Animation at an early age and gained a lot of experience when he tried his hand at famous studios in the industry such as Digital Works, SPARX*, BlueR, Vintata, etc. Right after graduating from University in Multimedia, Mr. Phu fell in love with Digital Painting when applying to a company specializing in 3D. Since then, he has studied and pursued 3D Animation. Before becoming a Lecturer, Mr. Phu was an extremely dynamic and enthusiastic YouTuber who always took the time to share his experiences, spread inspiration and passion to many young people through the Youtube channel “3D Easy”. WORK PROGRESS 3D Artist at Digital Works Digital Works is one of the oldest companies in Vietnam (founded 2007) specializing in game production (Mobile, PC, Xbox, Playstation), 3D, VFX, etc. Mr Phu joins the Digital Works family with 3D Artist position. CG Artist at SPARX* After working as a 3D Artist, Mr. Phu tried his hand at the position of CG Artist at SPARX* – A Virtuos Studio. This is the studio that is considered the largest in the industry, having worked on many international projects with Disney or Marvel, … 3D Artist at BlueR Studio When joining BlueR Studio, Mr. Phu joined a young and talented production team in the fields of 3D/VFX, Digital Imaging, etc. with many impressive projects. LookDev Artist at Vintata LookDev is one of the jobs that many employers "hunt" because it requires candidates to have at least 50% Technical Skills, 50% Artistic (Aesthetic ability). Vintata is also a Studio that has invested a lot in human resources. At Vintata, Mr. Phu joined as LookDev. Currently, he is leader Moeling also a Lecturer in Modeling/Texturing/LookDev (Maya), Substance Painter, Zbrush of MAAC Academy. With the experience accumulated in the process of studying and working, Mr. Phu is still diligently sharing knowledge and skills not only in the lecture hall but also on the media: Community Group, Fanpage, Youtube, Discord ... to accompany young people to approach the profession.