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Synapse Studio’s appearance on VTV news as one of the studios bringing Vietnamese cinematography to the world was emphasized. This proves Synapse’s success and contribution in improving the quality of Vietnam’s cinematography industry.

I. General introduction about Synapse Studio VN

Synapse is a studio specializing in VFX and 3D Animation production, originating from Korea. Through its operation, Synapse is currently implementing many VFX and 3D projects for Korean movies and television, broadcast on leading online platforms such as Netflix, APPLE TV, Disney, and many more. other platform.

II. News about Synapse Studio VN was posted on VTV

In the latest news of VTV1 and VTV4, Synapse is honored to be named as one of the studios that help bring Vietnamese cinematography to the world. This is considered a recognition and appreciation of Synapse’s class and efforts in developing and contributing to the Vietnamese film industry. A proud achievement for not only Synapse but also the Vietnamese cinematography industry in general.

Not only that, this is also important in building and enhancing Synapse Studio’s image on the international stage. Outreach to the domestic and foreign public through television news can help promote awareness of Synapse Studio and the Vietnamese cinematography industry. This not only creates conditions to attract international projects, expand cooperation opportunities with foreign partners, but also contributes to enhancing the reputation and positioning of the Vietnamese cinematography industry in the market. international.

III. Synapse Studio

‘s typical achievements and projects
Currently, the cinematography industry in Vietnam is going through a remarkable period of development. Along with increased investment and the development of our country’s film industry, cinematography has become an indispensable part of the film production process.

Vietnamese film effects companies are becoming increasingly professional and creative, with many excellent and successful projects. Most recently, the movie The Glory on Netflix was a huge success, with the participation of Synapse Studio in part 2, which helped bring Vietnamese cinematography to the world.

One of Synapse Studio’s outstanding projects such as: The Glory 2, Money Heist (Korea), Crash Course In Romance, Yumi’s Cell, …

In the future, Synapse Studio aims to expand its stature in the cinematography industry in the international market. We are committed to continuing to invest in cutting-edge technology and talent training to maintain excellence in creating great visual experiences.

With ambition and constant efforts, Synapse Studio has and will continue to make its mark in the cinematography industry, contributing to the creation of top-notch products and bringing compelling experiences to audiences. counterfeit worldwide. Let’s look forward to Synapse’s future projects.