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Telefilm 2023 has become a notable and anticipated event in the technology and television industry. And during this exhibition, Synapse Studio had the opportunity to meet and discuss with many other major studios such as: Muse, Select Entertainment, Riki Team, Chukyo, Youku, . Participating in Telefilm 2023, Synapse Studio demonstrated innovation and deeper penetration into the entertainment industry.

I. Telefilm Vietnam 2023 – Exhibition on technology and television

Telefilm 2023 is an important event in the entertainment industry, attracting the attention of many leading studios, producers and technology businesses. Here, gathering more than 300 large businesses from different countries, businesses have the opportunity to display, introduce and create connections with potential partners.

Recently, Telefilm 2023 was officially held from June 8 – 10, 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world, creating a great space for communication. save and reach out to the major players in this industry.

II. Synapse Studio and participation in Telefilm 2023:

For Synapse Studio, this is also a great opportunity to find new partners. Synapse did not miss the opportunity to participate in Telefilm 2023. With outstanding projects: The Glory, Money Heist Korea, Black Knight,… and Talented team, Synapse Studio met and interacted with many other major studios during this event.

During the 3-day event, Synapse was honored to interact and exchange with many other major Studios such as: Muse Communication, Select Entertainment, Riki Team, Chukyo, Youku,… And many other film companies. This exchange has opened new doors for Synapse Studio to explore collaboration opportunities in VFX and Animation projects in international markets.

III. Bringing innovation to Synapse’s journey

Participating in Telefilm 2023 has given Synapse Studio a deeper penetration into the entertainment industry and opened up many new collaboration opportunities. Synapse had the opportunity to share its vision and potential with leading industry partners and gather important information about the trends and developments of this industry.

Synapse Studio’s participation at Telefilm 2023 has expanded relationships and many collaborations for major studios such as Muse Communication, Select Entertainment and Riki Team… Meetings and exchanges with these potential partners have opened up New doors for Synapse Studio in collaborating and developing diverse and unique entertainment projects.

Participating in Telefilm 2023 is an important step in Synapse Studio’s journey in penetrating and growing in the film effects industry. Meeting and exchanging with many different businesses has opened up many new cooperation opportunities and created innovation in the development of Synapse Studio.