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Kim Wo Bin’s return in Black Knight

Kim Wo Bin’s return in Black Knight has created excitement for the audience. This film is based on the webcomic Taekbaegisa by author Lee Yoon Kyun and is set in the year 2071, when air pollution becomes serious and people have to use gas masks to breathe.
Black Knight was broadcast on Netflix with 6 episodes from May 12 and immediately received love from the audience.

Synapse participates in special effects in Black Knight

The Black Knight is highly appreciated for its technical effects. The epic action scenes taking place on many different terrains created strong emotions for the film. Most audiences believe that the dramatic battles and the race to find the delivery person are the most attractive segments of the movie.

In particular, Synapse Studio created special effects in episodes 5 and 6 of the movie. With a fantasy space effect in a boxed residential area, the desert is dark and gloomy, giving the audience a view of the decaying world in 2071.

Some special effects scenes created by Synapse:

Synapse’s appearance in special effects segments of foreign projects is no longer strange to the audience. However, Synapse’s team is still proud of this achievement. Synapse has been trying to bring Vietnam’s cinematography industry to the international level and will continue to embark on many larger projects in the future.